What Can One Day Do? by Natalie Girard

Can one day change the entire outcome of your business? Yes, it absolutely can.

Last weekend my team worked it at the National Women’s Show in Quebec. I absolutely love this event and even though I’ve been doing it for four years, it never gets old. With so many new beauty companies popping up out of someone’s basement every day I believe it is essential to always hustle for new customers, no matter how established your business is! The National Women’s Show has on average 15,000 women within a two-day period and this year it was so busy, we ran out of product samples!


Budding entrepreneurs and Aloette franchise owners always ask me about the whole process with a trade show – why do it? How do you find the right one? How do you do it right?

First, let’s start with the why. These type of events will grow your business faster and with more tenacity than you could ever imagine. Big or small, this is your opportunity to engage with new customers, meet new team members and build your personal brand. I had a beauty consultant who just reactivated her business in September, and she was having a hard time getting started again. She had a close friend who was going to hold a trade show for her jewelry company and offered to share the table space. This beauty consultant booked three one-on-ones with new customers from that event along and is now our top-selling beauty consultant working her way through management. She would never have gotten to that point had she not taken that spot at the table. 


Now let’s talk about finding the right type of event. Some times these events can be expensive and you’re not sure if the juice is worth the squeeze. The number one question to ask is How many people walked through the door to the event last year and the year before? If the number is in the thousands, it’s definitely worth it. On average you’ll connect with 1-2 percent of everyone who attends the event. The hardest thing to do is pick the first event, but once you do that, everything will follow. Event companies will know about you and will be knocking on your door, and you’ll have the liberty to pick and choose what is right for you and your business.

Finally, let’s talk how to do this right. One of the first keys is preparation. Before going to the National Women’s Show I had my beauty consultants review the trainings on this topic via Aloette’s online training portal. We also had the opportunity to virtually attend a webinar that the event company was holding, which helped reaffirm that we knew what to expect. I also posted our first moments at the Women’s Show through my consultant Facebook group on Facebook Live so everyone who was going to come work the booth knew what to expect and give a role play on what to say and do.

enzyme peel cute

I had 12 beauty consultants at the National Women’s Show and we worked as a team to share the beauty! Once we are live, I am the assistant to my team; I help them steer the conversation in the right direction if they get nervous and I give them the support and recognition they need on the spot. Most new beauty consultants will be nervous about the experience for the first 15-20 minutes, but sharing becomes second nature rather quickly. It’s important to listen to what each attendee shares with you to know if they are going to be interested in purchasing product, would like more information about the earning opportunity or may even be interested in franchise ownership.

The most important thing that happens at a trade show happens after the event, and that’s the follow-up. It is crucial to contact those you meet within 24-48 hours to get the best result. Ask them if they liked their Enzyme Peel sample, remind them of the promotions and let them know that if they book a one-on-one within the next few weeks, they can take advantage of the promotion offered at the trade show.

Some of the people I have met as attendees at a trade show are now some of my most dedicated beauty consultants, and my business would not be where it is today if I didn’t hustle for these events. I encourage all of you to take advantage of the shows that your local community offers and see what one day can do for you.

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