How to Motivate your Monday on Sunday night.

We all know the feeling: it’s Sunday night, you’re still relishing in those two glorious days away from the office, then suddenly it hits you – in less than 12 hours, it’s back to work. The feeling of dread quickly approaches.

While you may never love going back to the office first thing Monday, there are small steps you can make on a Sunday night to prep for the week. Here’s what we like to do on Sunday nights to keep us fresh and ready for Monday morning:

Woman preparing takeaway meal

Plan your meals. This is an easy thing to do to stay pumped and healthy for the whole week! Prepare lunches with dark leafy greens, salmon and nuts to boost brain power. By doing this, you won’t waste 30 minutes and $20 a day scrolling through Grubhub.

Draft some emails. This might feel like work, but spending a half hour on Sunday night drafting important emails you want to go out on Monday morning can help you sleep soundly on Sunday night. Most of us toss and turn at night thinking about these communication pieces that need to go out, so getting this out of the way will help you temendously.

Finish you week’s to-do list. Pay any outstanding bills, fill prescriptions, and go to the grocery store. These tasks can cause stress on anyone, especially when the week becomes jam packed. Small tasks that float around in the back of your head take up BIG amounts of space. Check them off and get ready to check in on Monday.

Work out. Get your week off on a healthy kick with a cardio session and you’ll be able to improve concentration and mood, both of which are in hot demand on Monday. Plus, you’ll be more inclined to continue hitting the gym Monday – Friday.

Women laughing in bar with wine glasses

Finally, relax. Enjoy a glass of wine, a good book or a meal with friends. Your mood matters, so do something to put your mind at ease. This will make you feel much more empowered and rested for an upcoming hectic week.

Cheers to you and a fabulous Sunday night!

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