On demand customizable beauty is here.

On demand beauty is the foundation of Aloette Cosmetics. It’s always been in the forefront of democratizing makeup and customizing the beauty experience to meet the needs of real people every day.  So, when other beauty companies launch trendy seasonal color collections, Aloette gives the power back to their customers. In the spirit of packable Japanese lunch boxes, Aloette launched the Beauty Bento for Fall-Winter 2017.  This portable palette allows makeup lovers to have more of the makeup they love and none of the makeup they don’t.

lizzys bento

The sleek black magnetic box is perfectly sized for the minimalist or the maximalist, and the look du jour is completely up to the customer.  The Beauty Bento can be filled in five ways: a full-face look which includes a powder foundation, a cheek color and three eyeshadows; two eye and cheek options; or two eye options. Pack the Beauty Bento with as little as four shades or up to nine. The combinations are endless! The uniquely and beautifully made box is unlike professional makeup palettes that are large, expensive and full of makeup that can go to waste. The Beauty Bento aligns with Aloette’s Fall Campaign – Makeup For You, by You –  it’s a fresh, fun and authentic way to curate a makeup collection that customers will love whether they are fans or first-timers.


Creating a Beauty Bento is easy! However, customers that want a little help can get a free Custom Makeup Analysis online. The quick quiz asks customers to identify their foundation shade, skin type, eye color, hair color and answer a few questions about their personal style. In a few minutes, customized Beauty Bentos are curated and recommended shades are displayed as a starting point for those who still want to fully customize their own Beauty Bento, but are not sure where to start.

We hope you enjoy our new beauty bento and look forward to seeing what you build! Tag us in your Bento photos so we can celebrate your uniquely beautiful looks.

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