Keeping Skin Minty Fresh

June is Acne Awareness Month so we are taking the whole month to share our love for all things Aloeclear. In this post we share why we love the farm to jar ingredient – peppermint oil – in our anti-acne line.

If you’ve tried Aloeclear before, you’ve noticed the minty fresh feeling when using our cleanser and toner. At Aloette we believe that some of the most innovative ingredients come directly from Mother Nature, even when it comes to blasting blemishes. We are proud to have curated the Aloeclear line with peppermint oil as one of the key ingredients. So why peppermint? Here are three things that peppermint oil does for your skin.

1. It soothes skin. The cooling property of menthol within peppermint oil reduces the appearance of redness and swelling, therefore reducing the appearance of a breakout quickly. This is especially important for those with cystic, swollen acne whose main cause of concern is swelling. An old wive’s tale has been to use toothpaste as an acne treatment lotion for this very reason – but don’t try that any time soon, as toothpaste also rapidly dries out the skin!

1start clean

2. It reduces oil production. Peppermint oil works to keep skin balanced, thereby reducing the production of sebum. Since less oil is trapped, a less inviting environment reduces the quantity of breakouts.

2be balanced

3. It is a powerful decongestant. Peppermint oil is well known to kill many forms of bacteria, which makes it a powerful deep cleaning ingredient in cleansers and toners. By using peppermint oil in Start Clean and Be Balanced, the chance of future breakouts is reduced dramatically.

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