Winter Is Coming.

Friendly reminder: winter is coming. That means loads of holiday shopping trips, blanket scarves and, unfortunately, the threats of cold winter chills to your skin. Here are six things you can do right now to get ready for the new season:


1. Don’t throw out your SPF. Just because you’re not frolicking around the beach doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep your skin protected. UV rays are just as prominent in dropping temperatures, so be sure to keep your SPF products in high use such as our Correction Code AM SPF 25 Daytime Moisturizer.


2. Use a hydrating face mask. Low humidity temperatures naturally dry out the skin, so a hydrating routine at least once a week with favorites such as the Beauty Parfait Probiotic Yogurt Treatment are a must, even for oily skin.

aloette_june 031

3. Use barrier repair products. To prevent damage to winter-worn skin in especially harsh temperatures, add a layer of Visible Aid Skin Restoring Creme to you daytime routine, or use The Guardian Environmental Protection Serum to protect your skin from pollutants.

4. Stay hydrated. We know how hard it is to resist a hot cup of peppermint mocha, but you still need to get your daily dose of H20. If you’re not drinking enough water, your body and your skin will get dehydrated, and dehydrated skin leads to aged skin.

5. Stay active. While cuddling up by the fire is a must during the winter, it’s still important to continue your regular workout routine. Exercising helps to boost circulation which will keep skin looking more radiant – plus you won’t have to worry about any weight loss resolutions for the New Year.


6. Update your look. Have some fun with pops of rich color on the eyes and cheeks. Try Plum Passion as a rich, purple eyeliner or a bold pop of classic red on the lips with Cabaret, perfect for the holiday party.

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