Skincare Essentials you must pack before the holidays

When you’re travelling day and night to see the family this holiday season, you’ll naturally feel less glamorous. Perk up your skin (and your mood!) with these Aloette products that fit perfectly in your travel bag.


1. Nutri-Hydrating Mist. One spritz of this super-hydrating mist will instantly quench dry, thirsty skin when you’re in a pinch while soothing any irritations with our very own Aloeganic aloe vera.


2. Eye Witness Intensive Eye Balm. Beauty sleep might be lacking, but no one needs to know. Say goodbye to dark circles and puffiness with this cucumber and Aloeganic aloe vera infused balm.


3. Be Smooth All-in-One Balm. When you’re jet setting in chilly weather, skin from head to toe will need some love. This nourishing balm hydrates and soothes the skin while combating signs of aging on the face, neck, hands and more.


4. Soothe n’ Smooth Lip Balm and Exfoliator. Chapped lips are never in style. Exfoliate and hydrate in just one application with this all-in-one lip treatment.


5. Hand Couture Anti-Aging Hand Creme. The ultimate purse product, Hand Couture keeps hands soothed and hydrated while reducing the appearance of splotchy skin and wrinkles through the powerful peptide Matrixyl Synthe’6.

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