Back to School Survival Tips

Summer was a blast this year, and we’re still loving it. But here in Atlanta, GA – our Aloette Cosmetics headquarters – the school season starts next week! Soon everyone across North America will be saved by the bell. So for all the parents out there, we’ve compiled a list of five easy things you can do to feel fresh during the early times of chaos as school begins once again.

1. Map it out. Before the first Monday of the new school year, plan out things you’ll have to do differently in the morning. How much time will you and your partner need to make breakfast? What time does the bus arrive? Will traffic to work be worse than usual? Being unprepared for changes to your schedule can make your entire day feel like it’s fallen off the tracks.


2. Routine. Try your best to set up a routine for your morning, especially since a bad morning can ruin your whole day. Keep backpacks, sneakers and school essentials all in one place so there’s a lesser chance your kids will lose something before running out the door. Make sure everyone wakes up at the same time every day and sleep in less on weekends so it won’t feel like such a chore. Force everyone to make their bed before they leave, no matter what. The more of an established routine you have, the better you will feel as you’re rushing out the door.


3. Leave some time for you. The dolled up moms you see on TV dropping off the kids might as well be mythical characters on Game of Thrones – we know that. But even if you have only 30 seconds to throw on some makeup or run a comb through your hair, that teeny tiny moment of pampering will make you feel so much better. We suggest a pea sized amount of Flawless HP Primer and some Eye Witness for under the eyes.

4. Take pictures. Whether or not you’re the sentimental type, snap a pic on the first day of the school year. It’s a great way to look back and see how they’ve grown from year to year. You won’t regret the extra five minutes you added to your schedule to make those memories.

5. Finally, laugh it off. Someone’s going to lose a shoe. You will be late to work. You will forget to sign some sort of permission form. But let’s not forget that Back to School moments are some of the most cherished moments in our families, and even better, it signals an end to summer break. So when something goes wrong, just shrug it off and move on.

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