All that and a bag of chips

Flannel shirts and overalls are back in style. We never thought it would happen either but we couldn’t be more excited. So in honor of the 90’s coming back to the runway we thought it’d be fun to share with you the seven things we loved the most about the decade, including ways you can add the 90’s into your makeup routine:


1. Skip-it. These toys turned recess from innocent fun-and-play to serious competition. We wish we still kept ours – it would have been great cardio! (Image source:

aloette_april 032

2. Berry lips. As grunge fashion has made its way back into the mainstream, so has this bold lipstick hue. Get the look with Plum Iris Gloss Stick as a base followed by Blooming Berry Face Paint. Want your lips to be velvety matte? Follow with a dusting of Look Alive for a matte made in heaven!

track suit

3. Track suits. Why would we be against something that is comfy, functional and perfectly efficient for a cold winter run?

aloette_june(cont) 057

4. Metallic eyeshadow. 90’s girls were never ones to shy away from bold makeup trends! This time around metallic shades are much more wearable for every-day use. Try an Eyesilk Duo featuring Runway and Dulce and to really make the hues pop, line the eyes with Indigo Powder Eyeliner.


5. Visible hair roots. Not only does it look great with a sleek blowout, but we there’s no need to panic when you forget to schedule your touch-up!



6. Chokers. We can’t think of a leading lady in any hit 90’s movie to didn’t rock a rad choker. You can give this accessory a modern makeover by picking a piece with wider sides or gold embellishments.



7. Frosted lips. If you’re not a grunge girl, you must certainly be pumped that this ultra feminine beauty statement is back! This time around frosted lips are softer and sheerer. Get the look with Pink-A-Boo Face Paint followed by Rosedust Liquid Lip Shine for an added touch of shimmer.


What were your favorite moment from the 90’s? Comment below!

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