Sharing Naturally by Kristen Jones

When you treat your business with thoughtfulness and respect, others will treat your business with respect too. This is relevant to the Law of Attraction: What you think about, talk about, believe strongly about, and feel intensely about, you will bring about. As a business owner for Aloette Cosmetics I know that my number one responsibility is to share the incredible Aloette earning opportunity and products with others. If not me, then who?

In order to have the desire to share everywhere you really need to get solid on what your why is with Aloette. Why did you decide to join this company? What are the ways Aloette has been a positive impact on your life? I invite you to reach out to people who have had success with Aloette and ask them questions. Gather testimonials to find out how Aloette has had a positive impact on their lives. In turn it may inspire you to clearly define your intentions in this business.

kristen selfI joined Aloette seven years ago solely based on the business opportunity; I had never actually tried the product!  Falling in love with the product came second. I decided to step up to the plate and purchase an Aloette franchise in August 2013 because I knew I would be able to help impact more people on a larger scale as a franchise owner.

We have a product that is second to none, we help people build confidence and help people have beautiful skin. We have to keep in mind that we are sharing information with people and then it is their decision on what they want to do with that information. It is extremely important that we never assume or pre-judge a person or a situation. What if the person who shared Aloette with you made the decision that you did not need Aloette in your life? Think on that for a minute. It really will help put into perspective on why we need to get out there and create sharing opportunities.

So what does it truly mean to share naturally? One time when I was at the post office I noticed that the employee helping me, Shelley, had a cast on her arm.

enzyme peel cute
Restorative Enzyme Peel

I made a connection with her right away by talking with her and asking her how she had broken her arm. I knew immediately that when she had the cast taken off the skin under the cast would be in need of tender loving care. That is where Aloette comes into play. I shared with her that I am a part of a skin care and cosmetic company that offers organic aloe vera products. I shared how gentle and effective the products are and how our Restorative Enzyme Peel would help to exfoliate away the dead skin. I gave her samples and my card and got her info to follow up with her. This is such an important piece in creating connections: building that instant rapport and asking for contact info to follow up.

It is not up to us to decide whether or not someone is interested in learning about Aloette. We need to have a positive attitude and believe that anyone may benefit from what we have to offer. If someone is not interested that is OK! Thank them for their honesty and let them know if they change their mind the door will always be open. cool team

When you run your business from the heart and a place of wanting to help people and give great service your intention will shine through. I have never been a pushy person and I’m sure you are not either. You will not all of a sudden turn into one when you start sharing something that has had such a positive impact on your life. People are drawn to passion, enthusiasm and excitement.  Remember to practice daily and decide to make Aloette a part of who you are, not just what you do.

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