My Aloette Journey by Jacqueline Groen

Let’s rewind to 10 ½ years ago. Picture me as a girl with no makeup, hair in a pony tail and in my soccer uniform. Makeup was NOT something I did, and I didn’t know a thing about skincare! Then one Friday afternoon, my cousin begged me to come to an Aloette party with her. I gave in and went with no intention of buying, yet it turned out I couldn’t leave the party without Visible Aid and Translucent Veil. I also booked a show because I liked the fun we had that night and I wanted to get a discount on some more product.


At my party I could not believe how good I looked and felt after the makeover from my Aloette Beauty Consultant. My skin felt soft and there was no trace of skin cracking or tarantula eyes. I was so excited to use the products that I got from that party and when I did receive them, I did my first skin care routine on myself right away.  However I was clearly still unsure about how to use skincare, because I had used an exfoliator for a moisturizer and never realized until my sister saw me walking around the house with stuff all over my face! Needless to say my sisters all had quite the laugh when, five weeks later, I announced I was going to sell Aloette!

At my first party as an Aloette Beauty Consultant I could barely handle the fear. Guests were showing up and I was hiding in the bathroom because I was so afraid.  But what was I going to do, stay in there all night? So I snuck into her kitchen found some candy and marched in that room and did my thing.  I almost fell over that night when I realized I sold over $300 and booked two parties!

In my first month as a beauty consultant I grossed $450 for myself. In my second month I earned enough money to buy my wedding dress, and three months before my wedding I had saved enough Aloette money for my honeymoon.

A year after I started I also became a manager. That was when I was introduced to a group  of ladies who really changed my life. I’m a part of a community of women who strive to empower each other and help each other succeed!

jacqueline g

Fast forward now and I am a mother of two. What I love about Aloette is that it allows me to be a play-at-home mom plus a play-at-work woman. I have the best of both worlds – a great income with my own business all while I’m at home with the kids! I love the snuggles in bed in the morning, playing in the mud, the many times jumping on the trampoline, going to the beach and swimming pool and four wheeling! I’m proud of many things in my life, but nothing beats being a mother.

When I reflect on these past 10 years, if you said to me in High school that I would be one of the top earning managers for a skincare and makeup company I would have never believed you. Back then I knew I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and have a purpose, I wanted something fun, I wanted financial independence and I wanted a family. I never imagined it would be through Aloette!

So my advice to you who now knows about my Aloette journey is this:

Don’t ever give up on yourself and your dreams.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you’ve imagined.

Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive!

And finally, I will conclude with my favorite quote:

“Each day I’m thankful for nights that turn into mornings, friends that turned into family, dreams that turned into reality and likes that turned into love.”



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