Red Red Wine

A crisp glass of red wine is one of our favorite ways to end the day. But so is an age-defying exfoliator that delivers instantaneous results. Little did we know when we embarked on our journey into Farm to Jar™ skincare innovation three years ago we would find an innovative exfoliation treatment thanks to red wine.

Back in 2013 Julie Campbell, Vice President of Marketing, was on vacation in Bordeaux with her family. While touring the french vineyards she was fortunate enough to meet the owners of Château de Tourtes. Established in 1666 under the advisement of Louis XIV, the beautiful and family-owned Château des Tourtes vineyard is known for its clay-rich soil, which produces a fine Merlot that inspired a whole new idea for Aloette.

We’ve long known that red wine can have long term health benefits. Red wine is also healthy for the skin, thanks to the key ingredient Resveratrol. Resveratrol works as a potent antioxidant that reduces the appearance of free radical damage which is known to dehydrate and irritate the skin – two things that lead to aged skin. Thanks to Resveratrol, wine-infused in skincare can lighten dark spots, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, soothe inflammation and improve overall skin clarity.

Aloette’s Red Wine Peel is an energizing exfoliator that features exclusive Farm to Jar™ red wine straight from the Château de Tourtes. Utilizing red wine grape seed extract, this powerful exfoliator unclogs pores and infuses skin with age-defying antioxidants for a visibly smoother, brighter appearance. You will love the way it smells and feels so much you may just try to eat it and in just one application, you will instantly notice a brighter-looking glow.

The next time you’re pouring yourself a glass for yourself, grab a jar for your skin. You can try the Red Wine Peel for yourself by clicking here.

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