How we Snapa by Cathy McKenna and Joann Prior

Every year before an incentive trip, the two of us always take a visit to the destination location to see what excursions and fun-filled activities we want to plan for our Aloette Beauty Consultants who have earned the trip for free. We knew that Napa Valley and San Francisco were top destinations for beauty, relaxation and distinctive entertainment, but we had no idea just how breathtaking the adventure would be! Here are some of the things we did during our jam-packed getaway:


We made our way through nine of the best wineries in Napa Valley to find the ones with the most luxurious experiences for our tour packages. Imagine an afternoon where you get to enjoy a smooth glass of high-end wine under the glistening sun with some of your closest friends – that’s what it will be like when you travel to Napa Valley with us!


Then we learned how to make wine ourselves! Grape stomping was too much fun, and for our hard work we got to take home a T-shirt with our wine-stained feet stamped on on it! We can’t wait to do this with everyone else 🙂


Next stop – San Francisco! the shopping district at Pier 39 is fantastic along with the food, and you get to watch the sea lions sunbathe!


The restaurants in San Francisco are truly incredible and once place that we can’t recommend enough is Tony’s Pizza Napoletana. When you’re in San Fran you’ll get to tour the many foodie options as you see fit! We also made our way through Chinatown and we enjoyed some sweet treats at the Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory.


It’s a bit of a silly tradition, but whenever the two of us go visit a new city together we always go on a ghost tour! We did a hilarious tour with some new friends from Ohio and Atlanta and snapped a spooky group selfie! We definitely recommend ghost tours to anyone looking for something unique to do during our trip!


One tour that we’re leaving to do wit the hubbies in July is a tour of Alcatraz, but we did take this gorgeous pic to keep us excited. Maybe you can also grab your partner and join us on a tour next year!

So, there’s your sneak peek into Oh Snapa! We know that we were just there, but we already can’t wait to go back! Are you now dying to take this trip? Well, become an Aloette Beauty Consultant and you can earn your trip for free!

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