My Skin’s Journey, by Courtney Forzeting

June is Acne Awareness Month so we are taking the whole month to share our love for all things Aloeclear. In this post Aloette Beauty Courtney Forzeting shares her journey to clear skin thanks to Aloette. 

I never had problems with acne as a child – ever. It wasn’t until my 40s when I started to develop acne – I would get breakouts around my jawline and mouth and they’d feel very sore. For seven years I struggled to find a product that would work for me, and I tried everything – trust me!

Acne is a constant embarrassment, and I feel like it’s an even bigger embarrassment as an adult because no one expects you to have breakouts. I was always plastering my face with the thickest foundation I could find in hopes that no one would notice. I even felt like my acne was affecting my relationships – I kept wondering, what are people thinking when they look at me?

Not too long ago I was at a health fair with my sister and there was an Aloette booth. We both sampled the Enzyme Peel and were quickly amazed at the results. From our time at the booth I won a free facial, but I was hesitant to do it. After all, I’ve wasted so much time, effort and money over the past seven years with skincare products, so what was the point in trying another useless regime! But after putting off the free facial so many times, I decided to just go for it. Something inside of me told me that this time would be different.

Here I am – before and after using Aloette! I use the Platinum collection with the Restorative Enzyme Peel and Stay Pure Acne Treatment Lotion.

The moment that Kristen applied the products onto me for my facial, I felt something very unique from what I was used to with products. Usually, products that are designed to clear up skin itch and burn, and that’s supposed to be your sign that it’s working (not true – never true!). But instead, my skin felt hydrated and healthy. Immediately that day, my skin felt cooled and calmed and I instantly noticed a decrease in redness and irritation! When I look in the mirror every day, I get choked up because I see myself in the mirror with a smile instead of a look of sheer horror. I’m proud to go out in public for the first time in seven years. 

I now religiously use Aloette products for my skin and I cannot believe the results! Some of you may be reading this and assuming it’s just another paid post, so what’s the point. But I want everyone to know that this line truly is the best of the best! Aloette is pure. Aloette is healthy. Aloette is fresh and Aloette is for everyone! I was at my wit’s end with trying skincare when I finally decided to try Aloette and I can’t imagine my life if I hadn’t taken that facial. So if you’re on your last ditch effort to clear up your skin, choose Aloette and just go for it! I am betting that it is the last line you’ll ever use!

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