How youtube has ruined peoples’ skin.

June is Acne Awareness Month so we are taking the whole month to share our love for all things Aloeclear. In this post we’re going to talk about the elephant in the room – the effects that social media has had in creating mythical acne treatments that are incredible harmful to the skin.

You can tell a lot about the world based on what social media outlets are advertising to you. And even if you’ve never clicked through, it’s hard to escape the pimple-popping videos that have taken the world by storm. Dr. Sandra Lee (aka “Dr. Pimple Popper”) has over 1.8 million followers and counting, and we’re pretty sure you’ve seen the ads for those black peel-off masks at least 20 times this year (and if it’s only 20 times, you’re lucky!)

Why is everyone so obsessed with pimple popping and blackhead removing videos? According to psychology professor at Fordham University Dean McKay, it’s the same type of phenomenon that makes one want to watch a horror movie. “Seeking out videos of this sort stimulates an emotional state that isn’t frequently provoked.” McKay also explains that these pimple popping videos also provokes a sense of cleanliness and instant gratification. “There’s a relief associated with popping pimples, even though the product secreted is deemed disgusting.” It’s also been studied that a vast majority of those who are feverishly binge-watching pimple popping videos tend to have acne themselves, so perhaps they’re looking for a sense of satisfaction that they have yet to achieve in reality.

While the videos may be addictive to binge watch, they send a bad message to those who want effective ways to clear up their skin. Dr. Pimple Popper, after all, is a highly experienced dermatologist who has a wealth of tools to use to pick at blemishes. These videos really need a do not try this at home banner!

So, let’s break it down for a moment. Despite what the internet is telling you, here are a few things that you should NEVER do to your skin, whether you are blemish prone or not.

Do not pop pimples. You do not have the experience and tools needed to do this correctly, no matter how many videos you’ve seen. Popping a pimple will cause oils to secrete around the blemish, therefore creating the chance for more breakouts. It will also cause redness, irritation and acne scarring. Instead, treat the blemish with an anti-acne treatment such as Stay Pure Acne Treatment Lotion and use a routine skincare cleansing system such as Aloeclear to prevent future breakouts.

muddy up

Do not pull out blackheads and whiteheads. We know that this is tempting and probably doesn’t seem like such as a bad thing to do – after all, they’re super small and easy to pick out. However, the same rule as popping pimples apply here. Pulling out a blackhead or whitehead is going to irritate the skin and lead to inflammation. What’s more, if you leave a pore open without properly closing it up you’re just asking for more bacteria to get in there. You can reduce and prevent the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads naturally with treatments such as the Muddy Up Deep Cleansing Mud Masque once a week.

Don’t use masks and products that pull out blackheads, either. We know that it looks really satisfying, but don’t be fooled! These masks effectively work like glue binding to the skin’s cells as well as any vellus hair. When removed, the mask is removing cells from the outer layer of the skin and any hair along with it – so the excrement you may see on the mask may not be a blackhead at all, but essential oils! As a result, the skin is left open to more bacteria that leads to more breakouts. You’re essentially making your skin addicted to glue.

Be sure to follow @aloette to learn more about good, healthy skincare in an aloe vera base. We have plenty of instant results in products that will improve overall skin health, too. So keep watching your videos, but make sure to turn to Aloette for the real deal.

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