The Power of Salicylic Acid

June is Acne Awareness Month so we are taking the whole month to share our love for all things Aloeclear. In this post we’ll share with you what salicylic acid does for acne prone skin and why we proudly stand behind this ingredient in our colleciton.

Head over to the skincare section of any grocery or drug store and you’ll be bombarded with hundreds of products with claims to magically make your blemish woes disappear. But the only products that can legitimately make any anti-acne claim are the ones that have an FDA approved acne fighting medication. For the Aloeclear collection, the medication we chose for the line is the uniquely powerful salicylic acid. So let’s get to know a bit more about this little guy:

Salicylic Acid is one of the best ingredients you can use in anti-acne skincare.

How does it work? Acne occurs when when hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells. That plug creates an airless environment that is an ideal condition for bacteria that causes redness, irritation and acne to thrive. Salicylic acid is a BHA (beta hydroxy acid) that combats breakouts within the pores by working to normalize the excessive shedding of cells and excess oil production – all while gently exfoliating to keep pores clear and unblocked. What’s more, salicylic acid also calms the skin to prevent the appearance of redness and irritation that can make a breakout seem much more severe.

Why is it recommended? A lot of ingredients in the anti-acne market, such as benzyl peroxide, dry out the skin to decrease the appearance of a blemish. While this provides a short-term benefit, in the long run over-drying of the skin can lead to more irritation and redness. Salicylic acid treats and prevents acne without over-drying or irritating the skin so that your skin remains healthy and balanced.

About Stay Pure. Aloeclear’s Stay Pure Acne Treatment Lotion targets blemishes with a concentrated blend of a 2 percent solution of Salicylic Acid, the most allowable percentage in the market. In a clinical study, 80 percent of users said their skin
looked clearer within two weeks after using the Aloeclear regimen, including Stay Pure! Stay Pure is also infused with Aloeganic aloe vera to keep irritated skin soothed, calmed and conditioned. It’s quite rare to have such a healthy ingredient in a topical acne treatment, and we are so proud to have our Aloeganic at the core of every Aloeclear product.

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