The Beginner’s Guide to a Skincare Routine

If you’re an Aloette Beauty Consultant seasoned in your craft, this blog isn’t for you. But what we don’t always recognize is how many people, regardless of age, are not skincare aficionados. So we’re going to break it down for you on exactly what you need in a skincare routine, and after you read through, get your custom skincare analysis at

1. First, you need a no-nonsense cleanser. If a cleanser promises you the world, it’s probably a lie. But a simple cleanser with some skin-happy benefits – like the brightening complex Lumitone in our Pure Radiance Cleanser – is all you need. Once you cleanse, toning the skin will get the rest of the gunk off your face while keeping skin hydrated. Dehydrated skin leads to aged skin, so if your cleanser feels like it’s stripping everything away, it’s not good for you.

enzyme peel cute

2. Something to exfoliate with. But only sometimes! Over-exfoliation (especially when you see the skin-brightening benefits like from our Enzyme Peel) strips away essential oils that keep skin revived and balanced, so if you’re new to exfoliation, just do it once a week. One of our best starter exfoliators is the vegan friendly Multi-Action Scrub in the Aloepure collection.


3. You need serums. What’s a serum, you may ask? It’s a super concentrated liquid that targets specific signs of aging. Our value packages utilize serums based on what works for you individually – whether you need something to address wrinkles, brightness or firming. You also need to use a different serum for your eye than you use for your face because skin around the eye is totally different and super delicate.

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Even if you’re acne prone and a die-hard Aloeclear fan, there’s no such thing as skin that’s too oily for a moisturizer. Aloepure moisturizers are lightweight but serious while Platinum uses anti-aging ingredients, such as the plumping peptide Matrixy Synthe’6 in the Correction Code AM.


5. SUN PROTECTION! This is non-negotiable. The last step of your skincare routine must always include an SPF product for when you’re out and about. Platinum’s daytime moisturizer Correction Code AM has an SPF 25, or you can enjoy SPF benefits from our foundations like Ultra Finish SPF 15 Foundation or CC Creme SPF 40 for liquid staying power.

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