This Earth Day, We Give Back.

April means a lot to us here at Aloette. This is the time of year in which we celebrate Earth Day and focus on what small things we can do each and every day to make the environment just a little bit better for our future.


This year we decided to team up with our Aloette Gives partner Heifer International to work closely on a project that helps a village in need while bringing awareness to a major epidemic in our world.

Over a third of crop production around the world is dependent on bee pollination – it’s what we eat, what gives our environment energy and what provides sustainable resources for the population. Yet bees are dying in large numbers, hives are being deserted and honey production has drastically diminished. This problem is quickly gaining public attention and has been coined Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). 


Scientists are continuing to work around the clock to find a cure for CCD and they have found that there are a few things we can do from the comfort of our own homes, such as planting bee-friendly gardens and even harvesting individual beekeeping farms. We wanted to help too while also sticking with our tried and true cause of  enabling women and men around the world with the means to grow their incomes and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Guatemala is home to about 90,000 coffee growers, 68 percent of whom are small-scale farmers organized into cooperatives and associations. For many of these families, growing coffee does not provide sufficient income to meet their basic needs. During the implementation of Heifer International’s Cafe Sano project, beekeeping represented a beneficial source of alternate food and income for local families.

When you purchase any of the below products you’re helping families build a sustainable income while increasing our dwindling bee population. So this offer is truly good for you, your skin, the environment and the world.


The Beauty Parfait. This probiotic yogurt treatment intensely hydrates while adding nutrients back into the skin to improve long term health.

Multi-Action Scrub. Infused with honey and almond, this Aloepure exfoliator deep cleans while leaving skin soft, supple and smooth.

muddy up

Muddy Up. This deep cleansing mud masque draws out blackheads and impurities while preventing future breakouts and brightening skin tone.

Nutri-Hydrating Mist. This refreshing formula of Aloeganic aloe vera and silk amino acids leaves skin instantly hydrated and replenished.

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