Lessons Learned by Sue Gras

Aloette’s motto is Share the Beauty – the beauty of our product, our earning opportunity and our capability to change lives while showcasing products that are good for the environment. I think about all of these young and young-at-heart women joining the team in this day and age, so I wanted to take a moment to share with you my story and the key lessons I have learned in my lifetime as a beauty consultant with Aloette. I hope that my story encourages other consultants or prospective consultants in regards to your Aloette business.


When I began in April of 1987, I had 4 young children. My decision previously had been to leave my teaching profession to be home to raise our children, but as you know, being a full time mom gives you a need to get  out and have some adult conversations. Aloette offered that. When I started, I felt doing two shows a week was what I could handle. The key to my success here was to force myself to do those two shows as consistently as possible. As you are thinking about how to grow your Aloette business, go back to that moment when your fellow beauty consultant was sharing the Aloette Opportunity Presentation with you and when she calculated what you would have to complete to achieve your goals in your Aloette business. Maybe you’re selling online to make car payments, so your goal was to hold one online event each month and share your business once a week on social media. Or maybe you’re working to make this a full time income, so your goal was to conduct three personal consultations each week. Whatever you had planned out on that day is crucial to your success with Aloette. Stick with that plan and refuse the let yourself accept any excuse for not following through on a given week.

The other aspect to my success with Aloette was to be super competitive – not with other beauty consultants, but with myself. I made it a point to not just win a diamond ring, but to win a bigger one by going up in sales levels each and every year. To accomplish that, it means paying attention. Winners track. I religiously track my sales, the number of kits released, the number of events I hold and I make sure that no matter what I know where I am towards reaching my goals. I also made sure to take advantage of all the trainings offered, be open to change and absorb all of the nuggets of learning provided to me. In 1996 at our conference in St Louis (after so many I believe that is correct), I was shocked to find myself queen of executive sales in the U.S.A. Not that it was all me; I had great hostesses, Aloette offered great incentives, and having goals all played a part.


I want you to know that wherever you are in life, you make your plans and decisions, and it is your responsibility to keep your goals in front of you. There will be great months and bad months, but keep on keeping on. I encourage you to work with Aloette to take your life to whatever height you want. Joann, Diane, and your managers and fellow consultants will be behind you to work with and encourage you. Don’t underestimate yourself; when you shoot for the moon, should you fall short, you will at least land in the stars!

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