Spotted @ NYFW

New York Fashion Week has come and gone and we kept a close eye on the beauty trends to see what’s to come for the fall season. The key themes? Individuality, confidence and a love for all things 90’s. Here are some of the top trends in beauty that we spotted:


Flash of Glitter. Reminiscent of the 90’s yet perfect for the selfies of today’s world, several models were spotted with light-catching splashes of glitter along the inner corners of the eye. This ultra glam look can be easily duplicated with our shimmer eyesilks, especially with Candlelit shade.


Futuristic Cat Eyes. Can you recreate a classic? You sure can. Futuristic cat eyes were bold looks featured in the Victoria Beckham and Prabal Gurung shows. While unconventional, we know that seeing these powerful shades means that come fall we’ll be trading in traditional black eyeliners for unique smoky looks. Multi-colored eyes also highlight individuality as everyone will be curating their own artistic creations, so get ready to pile up on our eyesilk pans!


Lipstick Bleeding. Don’t like coloring inside the lines? Don’t worry about it! Glossed lips with multiple hues were the primary focus of Jason Wu’s runway and from the looks of it across several designers, matte lips will be a thing of the past. A glossed look can be created with any of our lip colors with a simple touch of Oil Slick Lips.


Bare-Faced Beauty. You know what we didn’t spot? Bold cheeks. Faces on the runways were free of harsh contours and flushed cheeks, and the pops of bold color were left for the lips and eyes. Beauty this upcoming season will be about highlighting the features that are unique to you and unconventional. So don’t cover up what makes you you.




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