She Leads: 2017’s New Chapter for Aloette

We’re freelance artists. We’re mompreneurs. We’re makeup junkies. We all have one thing in common – we lead thanks to Aloette.

She Leads is our motto for 2017. Whether you are looking to make a little extra money through an online store, increase income exponentially part time or take on a small business venture, we have an opportunity for you to lead with Aloette.

To celebrate the year to lead, we are thrilled and privileged to welcome new Territory Development Managers from all walks of life to the Aloette team! What is a Territory Development Manager (or TDM), you may ask? A TDM is responsible for identifying and developing new customer relationships, beauty consultants and managers with the strategic focus and sales goals of Aloette Cosmetics. This is a position in which you have an area of North America all to yourself to grow, and it’s the starting point into franchise ownership. It’s perfect for all the boss babes out there, and you can learn more about it here.

To celebrate our new TDMs, we asked each one of them to share what leadership means to them. Here’s what they had to say, and if you’re interested in being a TDM submit your resume to our President, Cathy McKenna.

“Leadership means that you serve others with your time, energy and uplifting kindness.”  Patti Friday Kennedy, Aloette of Georgian Shores

“Leadership is being a good example that encourages others to want to follow.” Ann Hanson, Aloette of British Columbia

“Leadership means setting myself as the example, developing others and myself, and to inspire.” Meggan Keegan, Aloette of Tucson

“Leaders ignite purpose.” Jennifer Stalcup, Aloette of Portland

“The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang.” Tracy Rodgers, Aloette of Northern Washington

“Leadership is believing your dreams can become a reality and leading people to destiny.” Christine Kanis, Aloette of Northern Ohio

“Leadership means never asking anyone else to do what you won’t.” Dayna Smith, Aloette of Central Michigan

“Leadership is the opportunity to serve with passion, motivation, dedication and inspiration.” Terrie Glover, Aloette of DFW

“Leadership for me is motivating my team with unconditional support so we are all successful.” Suzanne Jarrett, Aloette of Greater Detroit

“Leadership is to lead by example with a servant’s heart.” Glory Stalvey, Aloette of North Georgia

“Leadership is inspiring others to re-invent themselves to create an outstanding lifestyle.” Delayna Dean, Aloette of Tulsa

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