How to change the world 2 by 2: Aloette Gives and Heifer International

Making a difference in women’s lives is in our DNA at aloette. We aim to be bold in upholding our core values by sharing the beauty of Aloette’s incredible Farm to Jar product line, flexible income opportunity and small business ownership strategies. So when we had the opportunity to partner with Heifer International to improve the lives of women all across the world, it was a natural fit.

Heifer International has been using its “teach a man to fish” philosophy for over 70 years to empower families to turn hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity. By providing communities with animals and agricultural training, Heifer hopes to help 4 million more families achieve living incomes so that educating their children and providing proper food, housing, water, hygiene and other essential resources becomes a sustainable reality.

As part of its priority to increase gender equality, Heifer International helps to organize women-only self-help groups to collectively raise the status of women. Educated women have healthier children, are able to educate more of their children and are more likely to work, therefore increasing their household income. If women farmers had access to the same resources as men, more than 150 million additional people would have enough food to eat.

Last summer we reached out to Heifer International to see what we could do to be a part of their efforts. After discussing the options we decided to go after an audacious goal – to donate an entire ark! An ark donation from Heifer International gifts impoverished communities with an abundance of resources and sustainable income, and it  does that 2 by 2. The ark donation includes two water buffaloes, two cows, two sheep and two goats along with bees, chicks, rabbits and resources to build agricultural and clothing businesses.

Our AloeArk is here to donate to impoverished communities all across the world!

We can raise $5,000 to buy an ark by booking parties during Big Party Week – the 1st through the 8th of each month. A percentage of all show sales that week will go toward reaching our Aloette Gives Goal. So if you want to contribute to our efforts this year, contact us about participating during Big Party Week. Your show can be online or in person, with a big group or just you and a friend.

We think that 2017 is going to be the year to give. We invite all of you to make one of your new year’s resolutions to open your hearts and give back to those who need it, and you can do that with us.

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