My Moment by Bethany Owens

Not too long ago, my son got to watch me purchase a brand new car. That may be no big deal to anyone else. To us, it was the world.

bethany car

This picture is worth a thousand words to me and it always will be. You may just see us getting a new car.

What you don’t see is the four summers I drove in Alabama and Florida with no air conditioning. It doesn’t show me walking to work when I was pregnant because we only had one car. It doesn’t show the time I had a blowout and had no cell service, so I walked half a mile, trying to get phone service, carrying my sleeping five-year-old before someone picked us up. It doesn’t show my old Lebaron, when the motor locked up on the interstate halfway home from Memphis when I was 19 and on the road all by myself, in December during an ice storm. It doesn’t show that I had to get someone to hold the battery cable tight every time I cranked my brothers 300z. I was due for a good car – this was my turn.


bethany selfie

Aloette is more than a paycheck and a lipstick. It’s an opportunity to change your life. Every time I give a makeover to a woman who has never had product correctly applied onto her, and every time I give a woman a paycheck who is about to make her dreams come true, I know that I am a part of something huge as the franchise owner of Aloette of Central Alabama.

That car purchase with my son was my moment. If you’re still waiting for your moment, let me tell you: you can find it with Aloette. If I can offer one word of advice, it’d be this: Whatever you a dreaming of for yourself and your family, no matter how unbelievable it may seem, your dream can be accomplished through working the Aloette business plan.  And when you make that dream of yours come true through Aloette, I will be there cheering for you along your journey.



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