The Lash Lounge: Cocktailing your Mascaras for the Perfect Look

Mascara is a constant in anyone’s makeup routine, but every mascara does something different. Sometimes you want a little definition, sometimes you want a little curl, and sometimes you just want those lashes to POP! So to customize your lash needs, we mastered the art of mascara mixology at the Aloette Lash Lounge featuring all three mascaras that you can purchase from Beauty by Aloette.


Curltini. This is a simple everyday beauty routine featuring just one coat of A-List Lash to prime and curl the lashes. A-List Lash is infused with argan stem cells and argan oil to keep lashes conditioned and improve overall lash health, and its easy-to-use curling wand makes makeup application super simple. The Curltini is perfect for the daytime, at the office or even for a neutral glam look in the evening.

Curltini: A-List Lash

Bold-Fashioned. Add a bit of length and extra color to your lash with this cocktail. Start with a coat of A-List Lash and apply a second coat of Intensity Mascara to the top and bottom lash. Intensity Mascara effortlessly coats each lash to frame the eyes for instant depth and drama, and its build-able formula won’t clump or smudge. For best application with your second coat of Intensity, start at the base and comb the wand through the lashes using slow, delicate strokes. The Bold-Fashioned is great for happy hour, date night or any occasion where you need a simple party perfect look.

bold fashioned
Bold-Fashioned: A-List Lash + Intensity Mascara

Dark and Stormy. If your lashes have a tendency to clump together and stray out of place, this is the cocktail for you. Start with one coat of A-List Lash to curl and condition and then add a coat of Intensity Stretch to the top and bottom lash. Intensity Stretch Lash-Lengthening Mascara is like yoga for lashes; its rich black pigment is infused with rosehip seed and jojoba oils to improve the stretch and health of the lash while increasing the appearance of length, volume and definition. Use the triple V groove wand of Intensity Stretch to comb through the lashes with slow strokes until you get the definition you’re looking for. The Dark and Stormy cocktail is also ideal for those who want depth and drama to their look but have sensitive eyes that tend to tear up during mascara application, as the essential oils used in both products keep lashes looking and feeling good.

dark and stormy
Dark & Stormy: A-List Lash + Intensity Stretch

Mai Tai Lash. Now this is the lash cocktail for cocktail hour. Start with Intensity Mascara and then add Intensity Stretch for a look that will make your eyes pop without resulting in the dreaded spider eyes. For this look be sure to start with your bottom lashes so the top lash won’t smudge when you’re looking down. When applying your top lashes with the second coat of Intensity Stretch, move the wand in a zig-zag motion for a more defined and curled effect.

dark and stormy
Mai Tai Lash: Intensity Mascara + Intensity Stretch

We hope that one of these looks from the Lash Lounge suits your lash needs, but if you’re a beauty junkie like us, you’ll probably need all the cocktails!


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