The Aloette Queens of Snapchat Review Banff, Alberta

Where does your job take you? If you’re on our Aloette team it took you to Banff, Alberta this year! During our week-long excursion to the wonderous mountain range we handed over our Snapchat account (@aloettecosmetic) to some of our social media mavens. Here’s what they have to say about their favorite moment on the Aloette trip:

kim hike

“This picture captures the most special moment of our Banff trip for me. It’s the destination of our seven km hike up the mountain which is the furthest I’ve ever pushed my body to do. I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement of the people with me. It’s so important to surround yourself with support and encouragement so they help you achieve your goals and that’s exactly where I am with my Aloette business today!” Kim Arsenault, Hamilton, Ontario

sawyer mountain

“This picture of me perfectly captures an epic day! My boyfriend Christopher and I, along with three other Aloette junkies, hiked the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail at Lake Louise to a Tea House for lunch and then up onto the lookout. Aloette sent us on a trip of a lifetime and we literally journeyed to the top! We were blessed to look down in awe at what we had accomplished and the beauty that is Banff.” Sawyer Graham, Lexington, South Carolina


“The Canadian Rockies were so beautiful. Hiking through the National Park was one of my favorite excursions. I am so thankful for our amazing Aloette incentive trips that allow me to travel to such beautiful places!” Megan Spring, Smithdale, Mississippi


“The trip to Banff was breathtakingly beautiful! Aloette took us on a bus tour through the town and up the Gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain! Then we visited Lake Louise where we enjoyed High Tea and yet another wonderful view 🙂 Travelling with my Aloette family always makes these trips so memorable. I can’t wait to travel the rest of the world with Aloette!” Jacqueline Groen, Smithville, Ontario

Misti family

“This picture with my husband and I best described my trip to Banff. We were both just so happy to see such gorgeous scenery and share an awesome trip with amazing people! We’ve become very close to the people we travel with on Aloette trips; to me it’s all about making memories and going on vacation without fellow Aloette beauty consultants is simply not the same! I’m looking forward to making new friendships and memories for next year’s Oh Snapa! trip to San Fran and Napa!” Misti Legge, Kitchener, Ontario

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